About Us

About Alcove Studio

Alcove Studio is founded by Sejal Mittal as an outlet to her design aspirations. Sejal began her journey in the professional field of design in 2015 in Baroda. With a graduation degree in architecture and design from Sardar Vallabhbhai Institute of Technology (SVIT), Vasad, she easily created recognition for her work in the interior and furniture design niche in a couple of years. Soon after, Mittal decided to go for an independent venture in Baroda, and within a period of two years, she successfully completed a set of quite ambitious projects pertaining to house interiors for residential apartments, bungalows and office interiors for large commercial spaces.

Mittal’s experience of working through diverse interior design ideas for small Indian homes as well as large residential and commercial spaces has given her the confidence to shift her target area to Mumbai- the City of Dreams, where both the market as well as the competition is huge. She already runs a design studio, specialising in office interior design, Indian home décor, architecture and allied consultation services. Owing to her exemplary talent and experience in the field, she is quite confident about her future plan, which is to become one of the leading interior designers in Mumbai.




Our Design Approach

At the Alcove Studio, we believe in co-creating spaces that will love you back. We consider ourselves as the medium through which you can visualise, communicate, conceptualise and translate your dreams into any residential or commercial space.

Our job is to make our clients feel as much involved in the entire project as the designers, so that their creativity and interior design ideas are constructed into an impressive outcome.

Our Logo

Coming to our company logo, the conical figure represents the ‘A’ in Alcove, while the triangle symbolises a pyramid.

According to Vaastu, the pyramid is a structure, which regulates the flow of energy in a space. Further, the three triangles represent the evolution and improvement in the overall design process.

The designers at the Alcove Studio apply their creative minds to translate their imaginations into reality. After all, we believe in creating it all in our heads first, then on the papers and ultimately, in your property.