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interior design firm
Degree and work-ex is sometimes may be insufficient
A practical insight is what you need
How do I go about getting first few clients?
Should I work for somebody or on my own?
When is the right time to set up?
What can I expect in fees from the first few projects?

What to expect

Evaluating your current situation
– Should I work on my own or not?
– Finding your first client
– How to go about setting up
– Pitching the client
– Nailing Commercials and contracts


Who should attend?

Students of interior designer/Architecture 

Interior Designer/ Architect

Anyone looking to set up interior design firm

For any more information 

DM @alcovestudio.in

Registration fee- 699/-

Limited seats! 

Do you always struggle to get the right kitchen design?

Wonder what are the latest trends in Kitchen which you actually benefit from?


In this 2 day workshop, we will simply the kitchen design to bits.  We will help you discover kitchen layout, decor & storage  

Learn about design hacks that actually work.

A sneak peak of topics covered

Selecting the right layout options, finishes & material

Perfecting the right sequence of execution 

Captivating countertop 

Amazing hardware, accessories & appliances

Carpentry vs modular kitchen

Kitchen hacks that actually work

Industry interaction with HAFELE !

Who should attend?

Students of interior design/Architecture 

Interior Designer/ Architect

Anyone who wants to learn kitchen design

Key Highlights

Industry interaction with top brands.

Assignment based learning

Certificate of participation

5 contact hours over 2 days

Summary notes


For any more information 

DM @alcovestudio.in

+ Participants
lighting workshop

Do you get confused when it comes to selecting lights and how many fixtures should be used in a room/ project?


Have you ever wondered how right lighting can transform your project?


In this 2 day workshop, we equip you with practical knowhow of hacking the lighting of your project.

Right lighting can truly elevate your design and we will show you how.

A sneak peak of topics covered

Applying right light colour temperature

Understanding Lux, Lumen, IP rating 

Types of interior lightings, placement and positioning

Optimising on the basis of lighting calculation

Drawing overview of electrical – for lighting

Understanding Ambient Vs. Task Lighting

Who should attend?

Students of Interior Design & Architecture

Interior Designers/ Architects/ Anybody who wants to understand lighting

What will you get?


Takeaway Notes

Worksheets and Assignments

All participants will be encouraged to take the assignment to get a more practical grasp of concepts. 





You have mastered the books and the theory but wonder how to apply those to a real project?

Come aboard with Alcove Studio a on a of a kind interactive webinar!!

Where we provide quick hacks and practical tips that will help you ace your project.


Who can attend this Webinar/ Workshop on Interior Design?

Interior Design Students 

Everyone who is passionate about homes, spaces & designing


Date: 18th April 2020

Time: 3.00 – 4.30 pm

Venue: Online on Zoom

+ Participants


 How to get the best out of a small space

Design Style

Lighting- The most unstated but most important

Colour & Balance

Love thy Clients

14 Responses
  1. Riddhi

    Well the workshop was very interactive and interesting!
    The way of explaination into detail was very helpful!
    Would request you to keep doing such workshops it would be very useful

    1. Adit lunawat

      Great webinar…! All the topics were covered in detail and explain well.looking forward to more such webinar from the alcove team!!!

    2. Taruni

      The whole session was informative and interesting. It was fun learning the aspects of designing, how to compromise various elements in a style and it was also great to know various ways of dealing with clients and their demands. I hope to attend any other session.

  2. Shweta Rajeev

    The Webinar was very informative and precise.All the topics covered were very helpful and explained very elaborately.Looking forward to more such webinars from the Alcove team!

  3. Kinnari Shah

    Great webinar!! Very informative and practical aspects of interior design explained was very helpful..
    Looking forward to more such workshops!!

  4. Shweta Rajeev

    the webinar was very informative and precise.All topics covered were precise and elaborately explained.Looking forward to more webinars from the Alcove team!

  5. Shagun

    The webinar was veryy helpful….. Topics which are important were covered properly…looking forward for some more workshops like this from alcove team..!!

    1. Drishti Nigam

      The best part of the session was that it was interactive and all the questions were answered briefly.
      Secondly I would that you Ma’am for sharing your projects with us and explaining them.
      All the topics covered were very fruitful for us.

  6. Naina Gogoi

    It was a wonderful experience . Webinar was equit interesting yet effective . Explaination was so very upto point. Looking forward for more webinar like this ..
    Thankyou Ma’am !

  7. Jayesh Sharma

    The content is useful like to join. I can’t, but I could understand that what kind of stuff is.. in which I want to play as I m an. Electrical and automation SI in which I usually want to understand how make lights for purposes, wheather it’s for lum.. , lux, or for ambiance.. the light actually plays very important role for home, house, office..etc so with the help of lightning we can make things look beautiful or attractive or eye-catching and the game’s on.. thanks for giving such written knowledge

  8. Anushka Porwal

    As a Designer its very important to learn the importance of lighting . Your presentation was very knowledgeable and and well explained . Wishing you luck . Hope you come up with more workshops on trending topics .See you in next workshop.

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