July 2021
make over
Decor plays an essential part in any home’s design as it can enhance the visual element manifold. If you love peeling the pages of design magazines and pinning home makeover photos on your Pinterest board, it is time to turn your dream into reality by giving your space a quick sprucing up. Fret not, you...
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Ideas to make your bedroom look bigger
Cramped for space in a small bedroom? You are not alone as most city apartments often have small square footage. But fret not, even small rooms can appear spacious with the right tricks. We give you 7 such tips to make your bedroom feel larger than what your floor plan says. Table Of Contents 1....
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You’ve washed the utensils, wiped the countertop and cleaned the hob. But is your kitchen still spic and span? Cooking even a single meal requires a ton of work and usage of multiple things and surfaces. And with one having at least three meals in a day, it is essential that your cooking space is...
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Luxe design
Tale of our pandemic project Amidst the chaos and uncertainty of the COVID pandemic lockdown, the one thing that kept my spirits up was this project. The construction restarted after a long long break and I found myself getting drowned in its execution. We had completed partial work when the lockdown was announced and it...
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8 Interior Design Trends for 2021

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