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Our lifestyle index is a reflection of our personality. The home decor products, re-styling and accessories all have a story to tell. We have explored our likes and dislikes even more during this lockdown period, thanks to the work from home provision! However, it’s been a while since you brought in some fresh space transformations, isn’t it? So, if you are surfing for stuff that brings in a dash of change to your abode, then look no further. At Alcove Studio, we do a lot of research and market hunting to find every perfect piece that suits your demeanour. Here’s presenting to you our top-secret list of home decor stores in India.

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1. No – Mad 97% India

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Location: Building, 3C-209, 1st floor, Mangaldas Market, Kitchen Garden Ln, Mumbai, Maharashtra 

Range of product: Beddings, dining and personal accessories, Indian seatings, fabric 

Price: The price variance of products they vouch for is mentioned as follows:

    • Bed covers and mattresses: 5750 – 8000 
    • Cutlery and crockery: 750 – 4000 
    • Table trays: 4250
    • Muddah stools and poufs: 5250 – 15000
    • Woven cotton fabric: 1250 – 2000
    • Home accessories (wall art, stationary): 450 – 4950

For you, if 2020 is the year to go vocal for local then No-Mad store is where you can camp. No-Mad products are devoted to and inspired by Indian habits, manners, and lifestyle. Whenever possible the expert hands of Indian artisans create If you want to invest in something that shouts out Indian culture and vibrance then you must visit their store.

2. Cottons and Satins

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Location: 50-52, Meherchand Market, Lodhi Colony, New Delhi, Delhi

Range of product: Fabric, cushion, bedding, dining and table top accessories, furniture

Price: The price variance of products they vouch for is mentioned as follows:

    • Cushions: 1850 – 3350 
    • Bed pillows 1650 – 2500
    • Beddings: 9950 – 19500
    • Vases and lamps: 3150 – 7450
    • Rugs and carpets:  9950 – 19500

Cottons and Satins have a versatile portfolio of fabrics comprising a massive archive ranging from opulent silks to the most contemporary, crisp cottons. The styling is contemporary and has a lot of pastel hues to select from. If you are looking for something chic, then this is definitely your pick for amongst all the home decor stores.

3. Nest Asia

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Location: Nestasia Godown 6A, 15 Ratan Babu Road, Cossipore, Kolkata

Range of product: Kitchen and Dining, Accessories, Bathroom and storage, soft furnishings and lighting

Price: The price variance of products they vouch for is mentioned as follows:

    • Trays, mugs, plates: 650 – 7750 
    • Planters and vases 150 – 950
    • Bath sets: 650 – 990
    • Cushions, rugs, throws and blankets: 2290
    • Lamps and candles:  450 – 6650

Nest Asia, as the names suggest, speaks more of international style. They curate artisanal Home Decor that brings together the culture of south-east Asian countries. If you have been searching for patterned and textured collections inspired by nature, then you must give this one a try.

4. The Decor Kart

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Location: A-3, Saket District Centre, Sector 6, Pushp Vihar, New Delhi, Delhi 

Range of product: Kitchen and Dining, Accessories, frames and paintings, storage, vases, clocks and lighting, bath decor, home bar, home garden

Price: The price variance of products they vouch for is mentioned as follows:

    • Home bar: 850 – 12500 
    • Bath decor 850 – 3800
    • Paintings: 16000 – 86000
    • Small plants: 1100 – 2600
    • Decorative storage:  800 – 2850

At The Decor Kart, it all revolves around the excellence of classic elegance and contemporary style, and around a sophisticated search of materials. The Decor Kart is one of the premium home decor stores. Their products are categorised with a certain intricacy of detail and contemporary art style. 

5. The Nascent

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Location: Mumbai, Maharashtra

Range of product: Cushions, poufs, rugs, basket, table runner, bolsters, throw blankets, cane furniture

Price: The price variance of products they vouch for is mentioned as follows:

    • Cushions: 1000 – 1800 
    • Table runners: 1300
    • Rugs: 2000 – 4400
    • Cane furniture: 12000 – 15000
    • Throw blankets:  1900 – 2900

Nascent is a unique home decor shop. It is about all things trendy. Their collection is elegant. It has a good variance in cushions and fabrics. Indoor plants are again something you can check out in this one from our list of home decor stores. 

6. H to H Shop

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Location: Shop No 7, Rafi Mansion, 28th Road, Bandra West, Mumbai, Maharashtra

Range of product: Linen, Dining and entertainment, vases and planters, candles, sculptures and utility products

Price: The price variance of products they vouch for is mentioned as follows:

    • Trays and plates: 1450 – 6000 
    • Vases and planters: 1400 – 15000 
    • Candles: 600 – 4000
    • Cushions and bedsheets: 1050 – 5250
    • Sculpture:  3000 – 80000

H II H has a classic traditional Indian feel to it. From all the home decor stores, this one will suit your interests if looking for something contemporary inspired by Indian works. With shades of chrome, gold, classic wood, clay and stones; you can choose from a wide variety of material finishes. The decor products are all vibrant and make a style statement of ethnicity and luxury.

7. Curio Casa

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Location: 166/1, 1st Floor, Beside Indian Bank, RCC EDIFICE, 5th Main road, Chamrajpet, Bangalore, Karnataka

Range of product: Metal, marble and glass products; nature inspired products, colourful products and paintings, clay and wooden craft, utility and premium products

Price: The price variance of products they vouch for is mentioned as follows:

    • Marble products: 2120 – 46750 
    • Paintings: 16000 – 50000 
    • Nature inspired sculpture: 3930 – 13250
    • Clay and wooden craft: 1100 – 16000
    • Premium:  14000 – 168000

Curio Casa is rooted in design and art, understands form and function – constructing a modern design narrative for India. Their emphasis is on art and the artist. They are all love for design, craftsmanship and tech which labels them as designpreneurs. 

8. Home Artisan

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Location: J-54 Ashok Vihar Phase-1, New Delhi, Delhi

Range of product: Dining and entertainment utilities, lighting, linen, soft furnishings

Price: The price variance of products they vouch for is mentioned as follows:

    • Cushion: 1000 – 9000 
    • Frame: 1050 – 3000 
    • Trays: 3000 – 4000
    • Table linen: 880 – 6500
    • Floor lamps:  12000 – 45000

At Home Artisan, they design and craft home decor products that reflect global trends. From understanding global decor ideas to exploring colours and materials, their creative yet methodical process ultimately presents the customers with only the best to choose from. Their style sense is more like adding a splash of vibrance to an elegant piece of work.

9. Bubble Wrap Store

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Location: 104 Chetna Apartments, Juhu Road Near Standard Chartered Bank, Off SV Rd. Santacruz West, Mumbai, Maharashtra

Range of product: Mirrors, Frames, lighting, accessories, kitchen utilities, furniture, linen

Price: The price variance of products they vouch for is mentioned as follows:

    • Mirrors: 3500 – 16000 
    • Vases: 840 – 1250 
    • Trays: 1200 – 3200
    • Table linen: 1100 – 1300
    • Side table:  4200 – 10000

The Bubble Wrap Store aims to provide unique, authentic and original pieces of home decor products that are inspired by minimalistic and simplistic design. Their work is inspired by natural materials and designs that are easy on the eye yet are expressions of your personality and style. Their design sense is to keep it simple, elegant and comfortable. 

10. The Little Details

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Location: 106, Block F, New Alipore, Kolkata, West Bengal

Range of product: Lighting, dining and personal accessories, kitchen utilities, furniture, linen, wall storage, bath utilities

Price: The price variance of products they vouch for is mentioned as follows:

    • Storage jars: 600 – 1100 
    • Frame: 395 – 1150 
    • Crockery: 525 – 2500
    • Bed linen: 1500 – 4250
    • Bathroom set and dispensers:  525 – 750

As the name suggests, The Little Details is one of the home decor stores that simplifies design details to bits. They work the intricacies of every home decor innovation to suit client needs. They help you to add colour & style to your space with exclusive items that are priced reasonably without compromising on look and quality. They strongly believe that your home should tell the story of who you are, and be a collection of what you love! Their designs are full of colour, life and fun.


These stores are specially hand-picked to suit your modern-day needs. We are sure that you will love them just like we do! Look out for them on the internet and get started now. Shop from the comfort of your home and let us know how it worked for you.

If you are looking for some fresh home decor and styling ideas, get in touch with us. Send in your queries on mail and we would be happy to help.

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