Indian Furniture
Table Of Contents 1. Bajot2. Antique Teak Cabinets3. Indian Ottoman4. Trunks5. Charpoy6. Wooden wicker chairs  and muddas7. Divan8. Antique dressing units9. Carved wooden bedside tables and consoles10. Wooden jaali 1. Bajot We all have seen a bajot in our house at some point or the other. Oh! For all those who call it by some...
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Romantic Bedroom
Table Of Contents Design with the bed as the focal pointRomantic interior design bedroom are all about lightingAmp up your furniture gameTransform your bedroom with colorsNever go wrong with Flowers!What is romance anyway! It’s about time to celebrate the most romantic month of the year. With Valentine’s Day just around the corner,  it gives you...
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Alcove_Indian Home Decor
Here are a few simple tips to recreate the perfect Indian home decor Quick links: Colours Prints and Textures Furniture Items For the wall On the table From the ceiling Lamps, Diyas and more Finishing touches of green Indian decor is as easy to create as it is gorgeous and comfy. It doesn’t demand any...
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Here’s our top secret plan to get that bedroom look from IKEA Quick links: Songesand Bed Landskrona Sofa Kallax Shelving Unit Kvistbro Side Table On the launch of IKEA Mumbai, we have brought to you some really amazing ideas on how to create the perfect “bedroom look from IKEA” with these furniture pieces. But before...
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DIY ideas for home decor to brighten up your Diwali Quick links: Brighten up your furnishings Nail that tapestry Don’t just string those lights Eye catching corners Adding a touch of nature 2020 has been a reminder for us all to start appreciating the little things in life like we did as children. It has...
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The fabric trend that is reigning the globe Quick links: About Boucle fabric Origin and (re) trending Boucle for Interior Design – Around the globe Decoding boucle for home interiors How is boucle reigning the furniture segment Sofas Chairs Pillows and Cushions Benches Ottoman Fabrics put life in any piece of furniture! You chose a...
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10 tips to set up your work from home space
Quick links: Find a spot Get all essentials – in order Layer up your home office with greens Use focus colours Prioritise ergonomics Focus on your background Add useful distraction areas Do not mix it up Home is a space which is associated with leisure and comfort. It has always been a place that you...
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top 10 home decor stores in india 3
A complete guide to your home renovation Our lifestyle index is a reflection of our personality. The home decor products, re-styling and accessories all have a story to tell. We have explored our likes and dislikes even more during this lockdown period, thanks to the work from home provision! However, it’s been a while since...
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Create a BOQ that actually helps you to land clients Quick links: Start with a format and design a schedule Mention your scope of work Describing the products and materials Estimating the right the quantities Include additional special services Draw down a Payment schedule Write about disposal and site handling Mention your limitations Add on...
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10 ideas on how to get clients for interior design business in India
Quick links: Get featured in leading virtual magazines Networking by hosting virtual PR events for designers Listing on digital platforms to get clients Hacking content marketing and social media for interior design Join supporting Design Associations Putting together an impressive portfolio Cross referencing with industry stakeholders Database marketing Influencer marketing Participating in Interior Design competitions...
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